Against the Gods

Against the Gods Chap 27

Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – Upheaval (3)

Xiao Lie originally had great expectations for the people from the Xiao Sect . The son of the Xiao Sect’s master presumably should be like a celestial dragon god .

However, at first sight, he was instead greatly disappointed . He didn’t see the aura, grace, self-restraint, and appropriate loftiness that the direct disciples of a great sect should have . Rather, he only saw condescending arrogance and a tyrannical look in his eyes that left an uneasy feeling . It was just like that of a pampered and spoiled playboy that had grown up among sycophants . But upon thinking carefully, he was also relieved… After all, the Xiao Sect couldn’t possibly care about this small Xiao Clan . How could they send some “great person” over? The status of “the son of the sect master” was also merely to express a superficial respect to the dead Xiao Zheng .

“Daddy, I just heard them say that you and the clan master headed off to welcome the Xiao Sect’s people . How come you’re back so soon?” Xiao Lingxi had just happened to stop by to deliver food to Xiao Lie . With a face full of curiosity, she asked: “Have the people from the Xiao Sect already arrived? What kind of people are they? Do they have a really frightening aura?”

Xiao Lingxi’s questions reminded him of the elder standing behind Xiao Kuangyun . He nodded: “Of course, the people from the Xiao Sect are unfathomable . However, Xi Er, you should avoid the Xiao Sect’s people as much as possible in the few days that they’re here . The young man leading them isn’t some kind of benevolent person . If you can avoid them, then you should do so . ”

“Ah?” Xiao Lingxi blinked her eyes in disbelief and then nodded lightly: “I know daddy . In fact, I was already a little bit afraid of them . After all, they are from the Xiao Sect . They must be super super powerful . ”

“Even if you’re curious, you should try to stay away from them . ” Xiao Lie once again warned . He lightly breathed in and, with a heavy load on his mind, walked into the courtyard .

“Daddy? Why do you look like you have something on your mind? Did something especially big happen?” Xiao Lingxi asked nervously . As a daughter who knew her father well, with just a glance, Xiao Lingxi could see through Xiao Lie’s facial expression .

Xiao Lie froze for a second, and then shook his head: “It’s nothing…” He paused for a moment as he realized that if he didn’t say it out loud, then this clever daughter of his may not feel at ease for the rest of the day . He could only slowly respond: “The Xiao Sect brought a gift called the “Profound Opening Powder” . From what that Xiao Kuangyun said, this Profound Opening Powder has a great restorative effect on damaged profound veins . So…”

“Ah! It can fix damaged profound veins? Is that true?” Xiao Lie hadn’t even finished talking, but Xiao Lingxi was already crying out in excitement . All of the sudden, her small hands tightly clenched the edges of her clothing . Fixing Xiao Che’s profound veins had always been her greatest wish . These past few years, she had nonstop diligently searched for every possible method with Xiao Lie . Xiao Lie’s words were no different to her than the celestial sound of heaven granting her wish .

“The effects of the Xiao Sect’s medicine can’t be compared to that of ordinary medicine . It may really be able to provide surprising results . ” Saying this, Xiao Lie’s expression slowly dimmed: “However, the Profound Opening Powder’s most important use is to accelerate the speed of cultivation for a certain amount of time . Right now, the clan master and the rest of them all consider this ‘Profound Opening Powder’ as a treasure . To convince them to use the ‘Profound Opening Powder’ on the body of Che Er, who’s considered a good for nothing in their eyes… It truly was a slim hope .

Xiao Lingxi’s expression became sluggish . Xiao Lie’s words were like a pail of cold water that extinguished all of her excitement . She bit her lips and resolutely said, “No matter how, we must obtain the Profound Opening Powder . Little Che definitely isn’t a good for nothing! He’s the one that needs the Profound Opening Powder the most!”

“I’ll try with all my power to fight for it . ” Seeing her daughter’s expression, Xiao Lie let out a long sigh . However, in his heart, he was perfectly clear how little hope there was of getting the Profound Opening Powder… In other words, it was absolutely impossible .


Nightfall .

“I saw the Xiao Sect’s Xiao Kuangyun today . ”

Candle light faintly swayed inside the room . Xia Qingyue sat at the side of the bed and lightly said .

“Oh… what kind of person is he?” Xiao Che yawned before casually asking with an indifferent look .

“He is like his name . ” Xia Qingyue’s eyebrows drooped as she remembered the look in Xiao Kuangyun’s eyes as he looked at her . A look of disgust passed through her eyes . Her master had told her that of the Xiao Sect master’s four sons, the other three all could be considered as having dragon-like talent . Only the fourth son was an one hundred percent idiot . However, he nevertheless was doted on the most by the sect master, possibly because he was the youngest and was the legal wife’s only son . (TL: Kuangyun translates to “wild/violent cloud”)

“That’s pretty normal . If you think about it, it’s pretty obvious what kind of people the Xiao Sect would send to this place . But either way, it still has nothing to do with me . At the most, I just have to go tomorrow as a formality . ” Xiao Che shrugged as he spoke . His eyebrows suddenly twitched, and his expression sharpened slightly . He raised his head and asked: “Qingyue my wife, you said you saw him? Then did he also see you?”

“That’s right… why?” Xia Qingyue raised her eyebrows .

Xiao Che raised his hand to rub his chin, then suddenly said: “You said before that he was a piece of trash with an exceedingly bad reputation . This kind of trash… *sigh*, Qingyue my wife, if I haven’t guessed wrong, your master should be near Floating Cloud City, right?”

“… How did you know?” A trace of astonishment flashed across Xia Qingyue’s face .

Xiao Che didn’t explain . He said with a serious expression: “Since it’s like that, think of a way to communicate with your master . It’d be best to have her come to this place tomorrow…” After thinking for a moment, his expression once again relaxed: “Since your master is nearby, then I guess there won’t be any big problems . Let’s sleep . ”

Xia Qingyue’s delicate brows raised slightly, and she then quietly pondered for a moment . She once again thought back to the expression in Xiao Kaungyun’s eyes as he looked at her this afternoon and finally understood the meaning behind Xiao Che’s words . Her expression suddenly spasmed, and she unconsciously reached out to pinch the icicle shaped sound transmitting device at her waist .

Seeing Xiao Che preparing to spread the blanket at the corner, her gaze faintly swayed . Her lips continuously moved quite a few times before she finally let out a voice: “Come sleep on the bed . ”

“Ah?” Xiao Che turned his body towards her and said with wide eyes: “Qingyue my wife, what did you say?”

Xia Qingyue immediately turned her face away to hide her current expression . She coldly replied: “If you didn’t hear it, then forget it!”

“I heard it! How could I not have heard it?!” Xiao Che immediately nodded like a chick pecking rice . He threw the blanket in his hand away and quickly threw himself onto the bed, then looked at Xia Qingyue with a happy smile: “Qingyue my wife, will you sleep on the inside or outside tonight?”

“… . . ” Xia Qingyue didn’t reply . With a wave of her snowy hand, she extinguished all of the red candle in the space of a second . The room was immediately pitch black, and her heart also secretly let out a sigh . She reached out and pushed Xiao Che to the inside, pulled the blanket over, and covered both of their bodies with it . Laying down sideways with her back to Xiao Che, she said in a quiet and cold voice: “You don’t need to think about it too much . I’m only doing this to make it more convenient for you to treat my body at three in the morning… You’re not allowed to do forbidden things! Otherwise I won’t ever let you sleep on the bed again!”

“As you wish, my beloved lady wife!” Xiao Che elatedly spoke as he gave the blankets a tug and sniffed the remainder of the young lady’s fragrance that was still held in it .

Now, she was being called “wife” by Xiao Che several dozen times a day . From the initial sulking up to now, not only did hearing it feel incomparably natural, but also at the same time gave her a kind of indescribable feeling of “I am his wife” . This subtle change caused her to be flustered and more so left her at a loss . She closed her eyes and strove to avoid thinking about these things that set her heart into disorder . Not long after, she peacefully fell asleep .

It had unwittingly become three in the morning . This was the darkest time before dawn, and the entire Xiao Clan was peaceful . The only sounds that could be heard were the occasional buzzing of insects .

In the darkness, from Xiao Lingxi’s courtyard came a light *creak* sound and, following that sound, the securely closed house door slowly opened . A petite shadow slowly snuck out and, after peering at the surroundings for a while, quickly ran fled outside .

The shadow hadn’t been able to step outside the courtyard gate when a tall, gray figure suddenly dropped from the sky, landing in front of her . The sound of a girl’s cry of alarm rose up, then soon after came a solemn voice, lowered with great effort: “Xi Er, where are you going this late at night?”

“Ah! Da… daddy!” The greatly frightened shadow pulled down the shroud covering her face, revealing a lovely and touching girl’s face . It really was Xiao Lingxi . Looking at the Xiao Lie that had suddenly appeared in front of her, her soul shook momentarily . “I… I… I…”

“Ah!” Xiao Lie let out a long sigh, then said in a low voice: “Xi Er, you want to go steal the Profound Opening Powder, right?”

“I… I…” Xiao Lingxi lowered her head as she faltered .

“You are my daughter . How could I not know what you’re thinking in your heart?” Xiao Lie once again let out a long sigh and then patted his daughter on her shoulder . “After you left me this afternoon, I thought you had a strange look in your eyes . I felt uneasy, so I came here to stand guard… Sure enough, you had the thought to go steal the Profound Opening Powder… Xi Er, you really are too willful . Do you know how dangerous this is? That Profound Opening Powder isn’t something ordinary . It is a gift from the Xiao Sect . If your tracks were discovered, then it would be in the Xiao Sect’s jurisdiction . At that time, if the those four from the Xiao Sect decide you’re guilty, not to mention me, there’s no one in this Floating Cloud City that could save you . ”

Xiao Lingxi lowered her head and bit her lips . “I… I know all of that . But… but… Little Che is too pitiful . He’s clearly a good person, yet is always laughed at by people, looked down by people, and treated as trash by everyone . If he could fix his profound veins, then he won’t be ridiculed anymore . He wouldn’t fall short of anyone…”

Xiao Lie opened and closed his mouth, a look of remorse flashing across his face .

“I always wondered, why Xiao Che was the one with the deformed profound veins, and not me… This world is really too unfair to him… Daddy, did you know? Whenever I see Little Che being laughed at, and that he still tries to adopt a uncaring look and instead come comfort me, my heart is filled with so much unease… If I could fix his profound veins, even if I have to become a thief… even if I receive the penalty of death, I would still be willing to do it a hundred times…

As she talked, Xiao Lingxi’s eyes were already filled with tears . She covered her face with her hands and finally couldn’t help but start sobbing .

A violent spasm passed across Xiao Lie’s face . As he looked at his sobbing daughter, his heart was also grieving . He quietly consoled: “Xi Er, I know you are wholeheartedly doing this for Che Er . But, you doing this, leaving aside the consequences, Xiao Yunhai didn’t give that box of Profound Opening Powder to anyone after receiving it . He should be carrying it on his body . With your strength, how could you steal anything from Xiao Yunhai? Listen to me, go back and sleep . Concerning the Profound Opening Powder, I will spare no effort to think of something . Even though I haven’t argued about anything these few years, among the this Xiao Clan, I, on the whole, still have a voice . Obtaining the Profound Opening Powder isn’t necessarily a completely hopeless cause . You aren’t allowed to do this kind of silly thing in the future . If something really happened to you… who will take care of and protect Che Er afterwards?”

Xiao Lie’s last sentence gently struck Xiao Lingxi’s soft heart, leaving her heart with a sudden, lingering fear… That’s right! If I didn’t succeed, was caught, and received a large punishment, what would happen to little Che…

“I… I understand . ” Xiao Lingxi removed her black clothing and dropped them to the side . She wiped the tears from her face and said in with a guilty face: “Daddy, I’m sorry . I did a stupid thing and had you worry again . I’ll obediently go sleep now and won’t do something like this again… Daddy, you should quickly go back and rest… I promise I won’t go steal the Profound Opening Powder . ”

“*Chuckle*, it’s good as long as you listen . ” Xiao Lie nodded his head and smiled warmly . But before leaving, he still worriedly picked up black clothing on the ground and took it with him .

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