Against the Gods

Against the Gods Chap 100

Chapter 97

Chapter 97 – Escape (2)

The last door of the treasury opened in the midst of the rumbling sounds . Standing in front of the treasury’s entrance, Xiao Tiannan’s head went “Boom”, and almost exploded .

What appeared before his eyes was a scene of emptiness . The treasury that was more than ten thousand square meters was so empty that every corner could be clearly seen . All of the herbs, precious artifacts, precious gems, precious jades, even the Sect’s profound arts and profound skills; their thousand years of accumulation, cleanly vanished without a trace . It was so clean as if a tornado had just cleanly swept through . Not even a strand of hair could be seen .

Xiao Tiannan’s body suddenly swayed violently . Thanks to the fact that he was the head of a sect, his heart was tougher than others, so he almost did not go crazy on the spot .

“What is this about… WHAT IS THIS ABOUT!! WHAT EXACTLY HAS HAPPEN!! What happened to the things here? Where did they go? WHERE DID THEY GO!!” Xiao Tiannan grabbed Xiao Baicao, and wildly roared like a furious male lion .

“I… I don’t know… I don’t know!” Xiao Baicao panickedly shook his head as his expression filled with extreme fear . When he came here just a moment ago, he had immediately fell on his bottom in shock the instant the treasury’s had opened . Even until now, his body still violently twitched; his mind was even messed up from confusion within his shock . The items inside this treasury was the entire branch sect’s heritage, this entire sect’s lifeline!

“I… I just asked the guards, just today, only Huangfu He had come by before, furthermore he stayed an entire four hours inside!”

“Huangfu… He?” Xiao Tiannan was suddenly stumped for words, then shook his head with a pale expression: “Impossible… It should not be him . He is the Eccentric God Hand, how could it be him…”

These few days, Yun Che’s “Eccentric God Hand’s” great name and his preeminent medical expertise had sincerely convinced them, even almost to the extent of worshiping him as a god . His acting skills were simply too excellent, even when Xiao Tiannan was faced with this kind of situation, subconsciously, he still did not suspect him… It was because, why would someone who’s the world’s number one genius doctor, think highly of the things in their small and little sect . He simply had no reason to do such a thing .

Moreover, his profound strength was merely just on the Nascent Profound Realm and he did not have any spatial rings… Even if it was the highest grade purple spatial ring, it would not be more than a few hundred square meters of space . How could he have moved away everything from the entire treasury .

“Sect Master, there… There seems to be some written words?” Xiao Baicao stared with his eyes wide open as he pointed at the wall in front of them .

Xiao Tiannan swept his gaze over, three lines of words appeared neatly before his eyes .

Xiao Tiannan you old geezer, I’ll accept the presents you and my filial grandson Xiao Luocheng have given me . Since you have decided to provoke me, you eventually have to pay the price . However seeing how comfortable you had waited upon me these two days, I’ll tell you two secrets, the first one: I’m afraid my poor grandson Xiao Luocheng really is going to be crippled this time, even if the real Huangfu He is to come, he can forget about saving him . As for the second one, that Emperor Profound Dragon Core is fake . Hahahahahaha… .

Signed below the three lines of words was a great big name .

Your Granddaddy Yun Che!!

That’s right, Yun Che directly signed his own name . Actually, if he had not left this name, Xiao Tiannan will never link it to him . However he left it there… This was a kind of arrogance, a kind of confidence and conceit, and even more, a kind of humiliation . I precisely want you guys to know who caused you this kind of suffering! So you guys shall know who you have offended! I’m not afraid of your revenge! Want to take revenge? Come as you please!

Xiao Tiannan’s body shook violently, and his facial colour became imcomparably pale . Under his extreme rage, a mouthful of blood came rushing upwards and wildly spurted from his mouth as his entire person collapsed backwards .

A thousand years of the sect’s accumulation, gone in an instant . Who could have handled such a blow?

“Sect Master!”

Xiao Baicao gave a cry of grief and hurriedly supported the collapsed Xiao Tiannan . Xiao Tiannan had not fainted on the spot, but his face was already drained of color . His eyes became unfocused as murmuring hoarsely from his mouth: “Impossible… Impossible… Impossible…”

He had never seen Yun Che’s appearance before but he knew he was only a sixteen year old youngster . No matter what, he could not link a sixteen year old youngster with the genius doctor that had stayed in the sect for the past three to four days . That preeminent medical expertise and opinion, his sagely temperament, his gaze as if he had been disillusioned by the mundane world, how could it possibly belong to a sixteen year old .

If it was a disguise, how could he, an Earth Profound Realm practitioner, not see through a Nascent Profound Realm weakling’s disguise?

He was even more unable to understand what method he use to move everything away from this huge treasury .

The sect’s thousand year old heritage was instantly scooped empty; this kind of setback had completely smashed his psychological barrier, causing him to fall into a nightmare . Unable to believe that all of this was real, only three words continuously repeated in his mind: Impossible… Impossible… Impossible…

“Yun Che… the one who injured Young Sect Master?” Xiao Baicao supported Xiao Tiannan’s body up, gritted his teeth and said: “Sect Master, calm down! What we need to do now is to calm down! That Huangfu He is most likely Yun Che in disguise; he had planned for so many days just to take revenge on us . However, he might not have gone far . At the moment, he should have just left the sect not too long ago; he would never have thought that we would go into the treasury so fast . Zaihe is still with him . Quickly, use the Sound Transmission Talisman and inform Zaihe to immediately apprehend Yun Che! The items in the treasury can still be completely recovered . ”

Xiao Baicao’s words cause Xiao Tiannan to wake up from his trance . He quickly took out a Sound Transmission Talisman and locked onto Xiao Zaihe’s Sound Transmission Imprint…


As Xiao Baicao had expected, Yun Che and Xiao Zaihe had indeed just left the sect and was not too far away . However, reaching there, Yun Che paused his footsteps and spoke to Xiao Zaihe with an indifferent expression: “It’s fine, there’s no need to go with me anymore . It’s fine if you just wait for me here . I will head off to Black Moon Merchant Guild myself . ”

Xiao Zaihe was startled, and puzzledly asked: “But there is still quite a distance to the Black Moon Merchant Guild . Sect Master had instructed me over and over again to protect Senior’s safety… . ”

“Hmph!” Yun Che coldly snorted with impatience: “Before I go to Black Moon Merchant Guild, there is still some private matters I have to attend to, so I don’t need to be followed . You can just wait here . ”

Seeing the “Genius Doctor” reveal an unpleasant expression, Xiao Zaihe’s heart fell and did not dare to persist in the matter as he promptly replied: “Since it’s Senior’s command, Junior… Junior will just wait here . ”

At this moment, he felt that an energy wave from his Sound Transmission Stone .

To achieve long distance sound transmission, a Sound Transmission Talisman is used up every time . Hidden in the Sound Transmission Talisman was a small scale sound transmission formation . Even if it was of the lowest grade, sound could be transmitted within five kilometers, and its price was extremely high as well . As for high grade Sound Transmission Talismans that could reach over a thousand kilometers, their prices were even more astronomical . That was why one would normally not bear to use up a Sound Transmission Talisman unless it was something of great importance .

Xiao Zaihe hurriedly took out the Sound Transmission Jade . Xiao Tiannan’s thundering roar was immediately transmitted in his mind and it caused him to instantly turn pale with fright as he involuntarily let out an alarmed cry from his lips: “WHAT!?”

Originally, this time’s retaliation and plundering of Xiao Sect’s branch sect was originally supposed to be as flawless and absolutely safe according to his plan . During the middle of its execution, it also progressed smoothly without a single hitch . According to his plan, it was suppose to end today… . They were suppose to bring a person of no importance to send him out of the sect . After that, he would find an excuse to leave by himself, make his getaway so clean that Xiao Sect would not be able to find him anywhere . He planned to then spread news that Xiao Sect obtained an Emperor Profound Dragon Core out everywhere . If that happened, it would alert those countless amount of people who coveted this Emperor Profound Dragon Core, and they would all come knocking from thousands of miles away . When that time comes, the entire sect will land in an abyss of deep water and scorching fire . If they were never at peace for many days and nights, how would they even have any energy to spare to seek revenge against him .

However, no matter how smart a person was, it would be impossible to predict what a person would do next . For instance, Yun Che also never thought that in such a short amount of time since he had left, Xiao Tiannan would actually send Xiao Baicao to the treasury because of an insignificant matter that suddenly popped up in his mind…

Right when Xiao Zaihe took out the Sound Transmission Talisman, Yun Che furrowed his eyebrows and vaguely had sensed that something was wrong . When he saw Xiao Zaihe’s expression changing, he knew that what he had done in the treasury was already been exposed faster than he anticipated… His eyebrows sunk, and he immediately cursed in his heart: F*ck! This isn’t logical! How can it happen so fast! In theory, I should have only been found out tomorrow . AHHHHH!

Yun Che did not immediately break into a run . Instead, the expression on his face did not change as he steadily walked forward . He prayed that it was only him thinking too much about it, and that Xiao Zaihe’s response was only due to some other issue . Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case . He suddenly felt a wave of bone-chilling murderous aura come from behind him .

“Yun Che… for it to actually be you, bastard! Hand over your life!!”

Yun Che’s footsteps paused momentarily . Then, without thinking twice, he rushed forward with his quickest speed .

Even though Xiao Zaihe had already said it out loud, he still felt really perturbed in his heart; he simply couldn’t connect the genius doctor in front of him with Yun Che . But with Yun Che bolting away, Xiao Zaihe instantly had no more doubts . Carrying an imposing killing intent similar to that of a storm, he started to chase .

“Jasmine, what level is this person’s cultivation at?”

“First level of Spirit Profound Realm . ”

“ [email protected] #$%… What do you think are my chances of escaping from him?”

“You and him have the difference of two huge realms, if this princess does not give you a hand, the chances of you escaping is zero! If this princess gives you a hand, he will die, but if you use all the blood in your body, this princess also have ninety percent of dying!” Jasmine replied in a low voice .


Yun Che paid his respects to all eighteen generations of Xiao Tiannan’s ancestors in his heart… Why didn’t you play around the “Emperor Profound Dragon Core” that you just bought with Xiao Baicao instead rushing to your motherf*cking treasury!!

“Little bastard, let’s see where you’ll run to!!”

Xiao Zaihe’s malicious voice came from behind . With a Spirit Profound Realm’s cultivation, catching up with him, who was Nascent Profound Realm, was so easy that it barely took any effort . In only a few breaths of time, he had already closed in more than half the distance between them, and another few breaths of time was enough to catch up . But at this moment, Yun Che had instead, completely calmed down . As his right hand stroked on his left hand, a heavy pitch black metal ball was grasped in his hands . He carefully shattered the outer casing using his profound energy, abruptly twisted his body, and tossed it behind him .

“Sky… Sky Tremor Bomb!!”

A iron ball suddenly flew toward his face with a speed that wasn’t considered too fast . If it were someone else, more than half would slap it away with disdain . However, Xiao Zaihe was different; he knew of the Sky Tremor Bomb, and was someone that had personally witnessed its power . During the the constriction of his pupils, he abruptly lowered his body, and dodged it with an extremely unsightly pose . He then covered his head with both his hands, and hastily threw himself onto the ground .


The Sky Tremor Bomb landed on the ground and exploded with a boom . A sandstorm that covered the sky was raised along with the sky tremoring boom and under the sandstorm, was a thirteen to sixteen meter gigantic hole that plumed with thick black smoke . Yun Che turned his head around and was so frightened by the astonishing power that he jumped a little before clenching the second Sky Tremor Bomb in his hand without hesitation .

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